Ferrari Powered Toyota GT4586: One Of A Kind Drifting Machine

When a Japanese car meets an Italian engine, a one of a kind drifting machine is born. This is exactly what happened when a Toyota 86 has been installed with a Ferrari V8 engine. The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show 2016 was taken by surprise when the Toyota GT4586 was unveiled.

What Exactly Is The Toyota GT4586?

Motor1 explained that the Toyota GT4586 is basically a chassis of a prepped-for-drifting Toyota 86 that comes with a 4.5-liter V8 engine taken from a 458 Ferrari Italia that is capable of 570 horsepower. It also has a modified suspension geometry to meet the requirements of being able to go sideways for a drift.

How It Was Made And Who Are The People Behind The Creation

Drive reported that the 86 had to go through modifications in a major way in order for the Ferrari engine to fit. Given the fact that the V8 is a lot bigger than the 2.0-liter four cylinder engine that originally comes with the 86, the bonnet had to be removed. An exhaust and headers also needed to be custom-build for the purpose of letting the exhaust be channeled in the front wheels' front. Other modifications include the widening of the wheel arches to make sure the bigger tires and wheels fit in. The main guys behind this wonderful creation are Hudson Motorsports' Shawn Hudspeth and Ryan Tuerck, a professional drifter along with their crew.

Will It Be Used In Competitions?

According to the same report by Drive, the GT4586 will not be used in any drifting competitions. However, due to a video of the car doing donuts on a Ferrari 458, an online video where the GT4586 is the main act will not be that far-fetched.

While some people love the concept, not everyone is a professional drifter. Some people are just looking for a reliable car and the Toyota Prius Prime 2017 would make a great choice. 

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