Brad Pitt - Angelina Jolie Divorce Update: Reports And Witnesses of An Abusive and Aggressive Jolie Surfaces; Brad Pitt Still Separated With Kids

It's not the end, the indifference of late couple Brad Pitt and AngelinaJolie's divorce refuses to come to maturity and that it was Pitt's fierceness towards the kids that triggered Jolie to file for divorce. Now, reports are surfacing that  points fingers right at her.  Jolie is in hot water as she is facing abuse claims that says she is a threat to her husband's safety.

Brad Pitt Abusive Towards Maddox?

The reports of contrasts between the couple being the primary reason for their divorce has died with euthanasia revealing that ferocity and abuse were in fact the real causes that led to the divorce of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, reports Inquisitr. In the early weeks of October, reportedly, Pitt had become violent towards his eldest son Maddox during a flight.

Sources gathered information's that the fight erupted during their flight and Pitt was drunk at that time. There was a verbal feud between Pitt and Maddox. However, there was no physical contact or violence whatsoever. A crew member said that there was a strain but Pitt did not harm his son.

Angelina Jolie Has Been Possessive With Family Says Couple's Former Security Advisor

The former security advisor of the ex-couple, Kris Herzog has also said that "Pitt could never harm his kids because if he did, Jolie would beat him to death." He made it crystalline that there was no indication of Pitt being offensive and the only time he saw the actor turning hostile was during a fight with Jolie when he disallowed to give up his partying ways. The report added that she has been possessive and vicious to the point that she falsifies everything in the family.

Recently, it has transpired that Jolie had issued utter threats against Pitt and this has led Department of Child and Family Services to include her in their analysis as well. However, it's not clear yet if she is being queried for being abusive or for outward abusive at the hands of her ex-husband.

Substantially, nobody knows who's at fault here, if it's Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt; since this will only be resolved once the divorce battle has been decided upon. Until then, we wait.


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