'Bioshock Infinite' Had More Impressive Design And Gameplay Than The Finished Product

BioShock Infinite was one of the most ambitious titles back in 2011, and everyone who's been a religious follower of the franchise knew that the finished product available now is different than the game we played in early demos. We take a look at a doc-style video which summarized early design and gameplay elements that offered much more interesting and impressive content than the final product when it hit shelves in 2013. The video perfectly summarizes why fans felt like BioShock Infinite never reached its full potential.

BioShock Infinite Then And Now

BioShock Infinite underwent several changes through the years of its development starting from 2010 until the year it hit the shelves. From small tweaks to bigger revisions, fans felt like BioShock Infinite never reached its full potential, especially for those who were promised a bigger, more ambitious game than what they got. Everything included in the vanilla game has either been removed or downgraded to the point where it's content is not just comparable to the promised game in the demos and development period.

Irrational Games, the developers of BioShock Infinite, had to scale back a lot of these impressive ideas as some of them were considered ambitious for the consoles. The game shown off in the videos is thought to be too ambitious and idea for the developers to realistically achieve, according to fans. Adding that without a considerable amount of budget and reasonable development time, the game never had the potential to reach that kind of depth in the first place.

BioShock Infinite The Fans Never Got

Fans' disappointment were clear when they released the finished BioShock Infinite, despite several negative feedbacks, some still consider it as a pretty great game. The game was originally marketed as a more natural world rather than a generic first person shooter, which probably caused the overhyped effect. Fans think the consoles were to blame. If it weren't for their limited hardware, BioShock Infinite wouldn't have fallen short of its full potential Irrational Games promised.

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