Phantom Squad Claims To Be Responsible For The Steam Attack; Says Steam Is Just The Beginning

Twitter user under the name Phantom Squad claims to be responsible for an attack on Steam that caused the application to go offline for a few minutes earlier today. It was initially thought that Steam had an on-going maintenance, however, on Twitter, the hacking group was claiming responsibility for the incident. They eventually stopped the attack and even sent a birthday greeting to Gabe Newell, the CEO of Valve.

Phantom Squad Responsible For Steam Attack

On their Twitter account, the hacking group posted a series of tweets about their plans for the holidays. Despite the tweet that says Steam should be down for the entire day, they eventually stopped the attack after few minutes. The group said that the attack is a part of a "serious operation." Valve did not, however, verify the claim that it was attacked.

Steam Is Just The Beginning Their latest tweet at the time of writing is a threat addressed to Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Xbox Live. They were asking if they should take it down, too. Hours ago, they tweeted about Steam being just the beginning and there will be more to come. Nobody knows if the threat should be taken seriously. They already made previous claims about attacks on Play Station and Xbox and threatened that there will be more to come but did not happen.

Phantom Squad Hacking History

December last year, Phantom Squad claimed responsibility for an outage of Xbox Live's network. It was noted that the 2014 Christmas was miserable for gamers due to the attack on PlayStation and Xbox Live made by the Lizard Squad. In the statement made by the arrested Lizard Squad member last year, he said that one member of the Phantom Squad is a friend of them and does have resources.

Despite the successful attempt to getting Steam down today, some players are not threatened by the warnings made by the hacking group. There are those who say Phantom Squad is just a bunch of kids that needs attention.

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