Overwatch Update: LumeriCo CEO's Resignation Means Sombra BlizzCon Release?

Today is the day that every Overwatch fan has been waiting for. Why? That's because the date is when Blizzard's BlizzCon commences, and it's also when the highly anticipated hero Sombra is believed to be unleashed. And it seems to be happening already, as a new ARG drama surfaces. This time around, though, it's from the CEO of the fictional company LumeriCo. Guillermo Portero is said to reveal his temporary resignation, a decision he has to make due to the ongoing hacking issues. Definitely, this has some meaning to it.

In the official Overwatch site, a blog post suggests that Portero resorts to stepping down -- albeit temporary -- following the recent chaos Sombra introduced. It's also said to be a move done because of the "unprecedented protests" and "widespread civil unrest." In one way or another, the two phrases could mean something.

That the Overwatch community is in fact protesting (for the lack of better term) in a way, as they've long been waiting for Sombra's arrival. And obviously, there's a "civil unrest" -- referring to players who've been wondering from time to time when Blizzard will officially release Sombra. But hey, the fun doesn't stop there.

Portero's stepping down could mean that Blizzard is finally ready to unleash the aforementioned Overwatch hero. That, after all the ups and downs, the moment has come for the fans to get hold of her. And what's actually interesting? This sort of gig really happened today -- the day the highly talked about BlizzCon event happens.

Of course, the aforesaid Overwatch blog post says a lot of things about Portero's resignation. That the fictional company, in one way or another, is still hoping for his "charismatic" trait to lead the team and whatnot. Well, it's safe to say these are all but decorations of sort.

It's really worth looking forward to what Blizzard has to offer for their Overwatch fans at BlizzCon. But until then, speculations will continue. After all, the studio might decide to continue with yet another ARG drama. Or finally, Sombra becomes a reality.

What are your thoughts on the forthcoming Overwatch hero? Do you believe that Sombra will finally be unveiled today at BlizzCon? Or do you expect a different story to happen? Share us your thoughts at the comment section below!

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