Destiny 2 Release Update: Is Bungie Ready To Venture On eSports?

Destiny 2 release has made rounds once again following clues about what is coming for the shooter video game. One of the clues being revealed is the all-new characters in the upcoming title and as expected, many are resistive of this probable change. In the meantime, should Bungie venture on eSports? Why and why not?

Destiny 2 In eSports

One best indicator perhaps that a game has progressed enormously is when a developer ventures into something massive, like an eSport. Although a thriving competitive scene runs in the Destiny, there are some top-level fans who would want to see or engage in a tournaments. Destiny YouTuber Stefano "Datto" Jonke stressed out however that the game sees a major drawback on how drops are randomly obtained which may blow up a fair play among competitors.

He added that Destiny's gameplay involves a wide variety of abilities, weapons, archetypes, etc. which makes it hard to balance. Datto concluded that if Bungie will do all balancing, the game might end up being un-Destiny.

Bungie Is Listening

What are the odds that Bungie might be considering these ideas in Destiny 2? There's a thin chance for now, but definitely will make a good change for the game. Fans who want new features and improvements to come should know that Bungie has been a good listener ever since. However, fans also have to be practical with what they wish for.

As Datto pointed out in an interview with Kotaku via email, "It feels like the community sometimes asks for things that they individually want, rather than what would be best for the overall scene of the game. Or they suggest things that are unreasonable, although not all the time." Hence, if Bungie will continue to hear out Destiny fans, there should be a lot coming for the game's next installment.

Destiny 2 is expected to arrive in 2017.

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