PS4 Pro Supports Full, Native 4K Rendering But No External HDD Support And Other New Information

Sony has updated its FAQ page to give more information about the PlayStation Pro. What it revealed might not sound like good news to some but it still has some redeeming qualities to it.

The bad news may not be really bad news because just like the PS4, the PS4 Pro does not support external HDD storage to store your game files. However, it can be used to store your system backups, save files, and media storage.

The new information also mentioned that you can still play a non-VR game on the PS4 Pro; however, it will only output in YUV420 format only even though it sends a 4K signal to a 4K TV. That's because the processor unit of the PS4 Pro does not support an HDR pass-through. In order to view HDR content, you have to bypass the processor unit and plug the PS4 Pro on your TV directly.

The FAQ also mentioned that although the PlayStation 4 Pro supports a native 4K signal, many developers are taking advantage of a new process called checkerboard rendering to provide balance the optimized clarity of a 4K native signal.

It also advised players that those who are buying a new TV for gaming should consider input latency because the amount of latency is different in every TV. Even if the television has a Game Mode feature, the performance can vary.

For the good news, the PS4 Pro now has a hard drive interface that supports the SATA III specification, which means it is faster. It's also good news for those who are planning to install a new hard drive for their PS4 Pro. Just like its predecessor, the PS4 Pro's hard drive can be replaced by a 2.5’’ laptop PC sized hard drive that is not thicker than 9.5 mm.

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