Skyrim Tips & Tricks: The Fastest Method To Earn Gold

Skyrim Special Edition was met with high acclaim from its existing community and has even drawn new fans into the RPG world with all of the game's remastered glory. Now, for both new and existing players, we've got a new legitimate guide for you to rake up as much gold as possible. Take note that in this guide, we won't be using any exploits or cheats and therefore, it's 100% legit. It's considered as the most effective way to gain gold in comparison to the heavy grinding brought about by quests.

Skyrim Gold Mine: Skyrim Crafting Loop

Before we move into the proper Skyrim Gold mining guide, take note that this techniques require you to have had maxed out Enchanting, Alchemy and Smithing. Once you have already done so then let's move on to the actual step-by-step Skyrim guide down below.

Initial Phase

First, craft or buy potions that will enhance your Enchanting skill. Drink one potion and then craft a full set of Alchemy gears. Next, equip the gears and with your Skyrim level 100 Alchemy, create another set of Fortify Enchanting potions.

Next Phase

You have to repeat the same process as above; drink the potion and equip the Skyrim gears until you reach the cap of 29% Fortify Alchemy enchantment on all gears as well as the 32% cap of Fortify Enchanting potions.

Final Phase

Now, after accomplishing the second phase of the method, equip the Skyrim Fortify Alchemy gears and then craft Fortify Smithing potions. Next, equip the Fortify Smithing clothes then drink the Fortify Smithing potions. (It may sound redundant but you can't actually do this in the initial phase primarily because there is no Fortify Enchanting enchantment).

Craft Dragonbane Daggers

Now, after equipping the Smithing gears and drinking the Smithing potion, craft Dragonbane Daggers which requires a single Dragon Bone (obtainable by killing any random dragon) and a single Leather Strip. Now, enhance these daggers to the maximum in the grindstone. Note that you need to have your potions active while doing so.

Now, drink another Fortify Enchanting potion and then enchant the daggers with an enchantment obtained from Banish Undead School. And voila! You now have your instant Skyrim Gold Mine! Just Rinse and repeat the entire process!

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