Nintendo Switch: Skyrim On The Go May Not Be Actually True

Nintendo recently unveiled its newest flagship system, the Nintendo Switch. Alongside its introduction are the revelations of some of the console's upcoming games including the recently hyped Bethesda Games Studios' highly acclaimed open world RPG, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

In just a couple of minutes after the trailer's release, a lot of fans were quick to point out the highly popular Elder Scrolls installment which captivated a lot of the game's avid fans. It appears that finally, after the long wait, we can now have a Skyrim "on the go." But just when things gets more interesting, the intense hype was instantly impeded by the news that Skyrim MAY NOT actually exist in the Nintendo Switch console.

Nintendo Switch and the Skyrim Issue

For a brief moment, Nintendo Switch has captivated a lot of hardcore RPG fans with its official trailer demo wherein a person is seen playing Skyrim using the new system - not just simply at home, plugged to a TV but in a plane as he enjoys the epic rpg while having a long trip above the sky.

Many were skeptical regarding the existence of the game on the platform and so Bethesda Games Studios was personally inquired by GamesIndustry about its involvement with the Nintendo Switch in which they quickly replied: "We're happy to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Nintendo on the video. While we are not confirming any specific titles at this time, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Nintendo and support of the Switch." The company also added, "We look forward to revealing specific games and details in the future."

After the news broke out, a lot of fans were dismayed over the Nintendo Switch hype that has led them to believe that the RPG can be played via a mobile platform. There are a lot of speculations regarding Bethesda's statement with which one of them is that the studio may just be avoiding affecting the upcoming sales of the Skyrim: Special Edition which is set to come out this month of October.

As for Nintendo's statement regarding the console's trailer, the Japanese multination company has this to say: "Today's video incorporated short glimpses of representative gameplay to demonstrate the liberating nature of the Nintendo Switch home gaming system. Full game demonstrations, the list of launch window titles, as well as launch date, price, product configuration and related specifics, will be shown and announced prior to the March launch."

In short, what we "see" is not exactly what we get. As you can remember in the past, games like Aliens Colonial Marines and Metro Last Light were also included in the trailer premiere of Wii U but after several months upon its debut, the games didn't come out.

Let's just hope that the issue won't happen twice as many would've love a Skyrim "on the go." But until Bethesda confirms the existence of the game in the platform, we can only speculate.

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