'Stranger Things' Season 2 Spoilers & Updates: Eleven's Return Confirmed; New Season To Reveal The Demogorgon's Origin?

Netflix's must-watch original series "Stranger Things" is fulfilling its promise of delivering a crazier season 2 as it was recently confirmed that Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) will return to Hawkins. Previous reports also revealed that "Stranger Things" season 2 will heavily feature Will Byers (Noah Schnapp). Following this, fans are now speculating that the upcoming installment will finally reveal the demogorgon's origin and show how Upside Down has affected Byers.

In a previous report by TVLine, sources dropped a big hint that Eleven will definitely return in "Stranger Things" season 2. Unfortunately, it was not revealed how the character will reappear in Hawkins and in what episode will she start coming back to the lives of her friends.

The speculations of Eleven's return started to surface when a teaser was released featuring Chief Hopper leaving Eggo waffles behind the woods. Avid fans of the show know how Eleven is addicted to the said snack, hence sparking speculations that Eleven is in hiding and Hopper is helping her. Not long after that, Brown herself teased her return several times on Twitter that she is set to make her comeback on season 2.

The first season of "Stranger Things" concluded with Eleven disappearing with the demogorgon. While she seemed losing her life as she was trying to defeat the monster, fans firmly believe that the show cannot have a second season without its main character. Besides, it was not clearly presented whether Eleven died or survived her bout with the demogorgon.

Meanwhile, the confirmation that Schnapp will reprise his role as Byers ignited theories that season 2 will tackle the effects of being trapped in Upside Down on Byers. The Duffer brothers previously teased that "Stranger Things" season 2 will pick up on the events a year after Byers went missing. Talks now have it that the show will delve into the myth of his disappearance, and will finally shed some light on the origins of the demogorgon.

While all of these still remain to be speculations, confirmations are anticipated to come as "Stranger Things" season 2 draws closer to its rumored premiere in 2017.

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