'The Walking Dead' A Sequel Of 'Breaking Bad? Netflix Created An Entertaining Presentation Of A Fan Theory

Netflix has recently created an entertaining presentation of a fan theory connecting two of AMC's most critically acclaimed TV series. The video featuring "The Walking Dead" a sequel of "Breaking Bad" theory instantly went viral, claiming Walter White started the zombie apocalypse.

Netflix has made the reported fan theory that "The Walking Dead" and "Breaking Bad" are intertwined seem convincing with the video it released. Fans are now in a frenzy connecting together the proofs presented in the said video. While the presentation noted that everything mentioned is quite unbelievable, Netflix still rated the theory with 5/10 on its "believability scale" and 9/10 for its being entertaining.

"The Walking Dead" featured in one of its episodes Daryl's brother Merle and his drug stash. It can be remembered that Merle was discovered to own a bag blue meth which in turn is the drug being created by White on "Breaking Bad." In addition, Daryl revealed that his brother's drug dealer was a "janky little white guy" who calls people "b---h." This "janky" is being surmised to be "Breaking Bad's" Jesse Pinkman.

Another connection discussed was the red Dodge Challenger with black stripes that was seen in "Breaking Bad" season 4. In the said installment, Walt bought his son a Dodge which was later on asked by his wife to be sent back. Reports recalled that White then dealt with a car lot manager with the name of Glenn. This then sparked the connecting theory since Glenn of "The Walking Dead" was also seen in an identical car in the first season.

Finally, Gus Fring, whom White killed with a bomb in "Breaking Bad" season 4, is speculated to be the first zombie who might have spread the virus, creating "The Walking Dead" story. The theory suggests that Fring ingested White's blue meth which is actually the source of the virus.

While these fan theories are currently attracting attention online, it is said that the video later turned into an effective material for "Breaking Bad." A few hours after the video went out, the hit crime series officially announced its return for its sixth season. The show creator Vince Gilligan recently revealed that White is not dead and is returning on "Breaking Bad" season 6.

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