Brangelina Divorce Update: Angelina Jolie Files Full Custody Of Kids To Prevent Them From Being Placed In Foster Care

After Angelina Jolie filed a divorce on September 19, massive amount of news and speculations have spread around the online community. News about their children, their properties, and even their health were always part of the headline. Now, Angelina Jolie is facing yet another issue with regards to the custody of their kids.

According to Inquisitr, Angelina Jolie already filed a sole physical custody of their children because she was frightened that she could lose her children if the situation would continue like this for a long time. It was remembered that Jolie decided to be separated from Brad Pitt because of 'irreconcilable differences'

Los Angeles County's Department Of Children And Family Services' Reacts On The Continued Issue Regarding The Brangelina Divorce

Los Angeles County's Department Of Children And Family Services already investigated Brad Pitt after rumors showed that Brad had been physical with Maddox while they were on a plane heading home to Los Angeles.

With Jolie filing the divorce after the incident, social workers told them that if investigations prove that their kids are in fact deemed unsafe are facing threats from both parties, then they could be placed under the guidance of a relative or sent to foster care, according to Gossip Cop.

Kids Love Angelina Jolie But They Prefer Living With Brad Pitt

"Pax and Shiloh have always had a strong bond and both of them have long felt more compatible, emotionally, with Brad. If Pax and Shiloh really want to be with Brad, she's in an unwinnable situation. How can you claim you're doing what's best for the kids when you're ignoring their stated wishes?" 

Angelina Jolie has been the sole guardian of the children and Brad Pitt was instructed by the court to maintain distance from their kids. He would be able to visit their children but with supervision. However, both Pax and Shiloh, two of Brangelina kids, admitted that they would choose to live with Brad Pitt rather than with Jolie.

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