Infinite Warfare Zombies In Spaceland Guide: All Power Switch Locations To Activate The Pack-A-Punch Machine

In order to access the secret Projection Room, you need to do few simple steps. The Projection Room has a Pack-a-Punch Machine that lets you upgrade your very own weapons. For everyone who is new to the map, you should try this machine to get your weapon boosted. Here are the steps to get access to the Projection Room.

How To Have Access To The Projection Room

First, you have to turn on the generator in order to activate the area by locating all five power switch locations, including the main portal that will lead you to the Projection Room. The location of these switches are stated below. Once you have turned on a certain switch, locate the designated portal and use it to teleport in the spawn area. Do it again until you have used all four portals. You can now use the main portal in the spawn area to gain access to the Projection Room.

Zombies In Spaceland Power Switch Locations

The first power switch you need to turn on is located in the spawn room with the sign above the doorway that says "Power this way". Walk in to the room and on the right side wall, you can see the power switch. Flip it and you're good to go.

Next thing you want to do is navigate your way to the "Journey Into the Space" located in the very first left of the spawn area. Follow the pathway that will lead you to Star Mission. Once you reached the building, on your right side, head to corridor and just follow the path until you see the switch.

Another switch is located inside the Polar Peak. Just follow the way up and once you reached an intersection, head yourself upstairs. The portal is on the level where the gift shop is located while its switch is on the wall up on the curved ramp.

Other switches are located in the Kepler System and in the Astrocade. The switch in the Kepler should be connected next to the stairs you first see when you enter the doorway that has a "Restroom" sign on the side. The last power switch in the Astrocade adjacent to the portal you can see right when you enter the room. That's it! Now you can get packed. Enjoy playing against the zombies in the Spaceland with an upgraded weapon.


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