Why Overwatch Sombra May Become The Most Hated Hero After BlizzCon 2016 Reveal

After months of leaks and speculations, Sombra was finally revealed during the BlizzCon 2016 with a new cinematic trailer. Overwatch's new hero also went live with her own page in the official Overwatch website and fans are already predicting that she might become the next most despised hero after Mei. We take a look at Sombra and everything about her that makes her amazing.

Sombra May Join Despised Heroes List In Overwatch

 Sombra's page went live in Overwatch's official page and fans are already feeling and predicting that she might become the next despised hero, joining the list with Mei and Bastion. Aside from having the ability to become invisible with 'Thermoptic Camo' and teleport with her 'Translocator,' her ultimate will cause future rage quits from enemies for sure. Overwatch's Sombra can destroy enemy barriers and shields by hacking all opponents around her with 'EMP.'

Which means Sombra will be able to hack their enemies to stop them from using any abilities with 'Hack' and her ultimate 'EMP.' She can disable Reinhardt's shield, Winston's barrier, nearby turrets, and can even cancel McCree's 'High Noon.' Fans and Overwatch players have called it horribly powerful since 'EMP' and 'Hack' can also disable their abilities and ultimates for a certain period of time.

Who Is Overwatch's Sombra

Sombra is a 30-yearl old hacker from Mexico according to her page in the official Overwatch website. She's known to use information to manipulate powerful leaders as seen in her cinematic trailer that was revealed at BlizzCon 2016. Orphaned after the Omnic Crisis, she survived by using her natural affinity with hacking and computers.

With Sombra's addition to Overwatch, players think she's going to break most of the current popular meta teams or go-to characters. Sombra will mix things up in terms of gameplay and character selection in Overwatch. Fans are now wondering what Sombra can do against Mercy's ultimate, whether she can single-handedly stop characters from resurrecting or not. I guess we all have to see until we can finally play Sombra in Overwatch.

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