'Deadpool' Creator Plans To Bring Comic Book Hero ‘Avengelyne’ To Life; A Superhero Like 'John Wick With A Fallen Angel'

The creator of "Deadpool", Rob Liefeld, is bringing another comic book hero to life. "Avengelyne" film project which is also called the "John Wick with a Fallen Angel". This superhero is described as a fallen angel that is sentenced to serve humanity to gain redemption. The only problem is that Earth is an unfamiliar place for her but she must adapt to the changes in order to save herself and humankind.

Although a fallen angel, "Avengelyne" is nothing like Deadpool. The only reason she is banished from heaven is because of a misunderstanding with God and just like every good angel, she follows his orders and remains faithful to him.

The challenges that "Avengelyne" will go through looks like a good storyline for a motion picture. Fans could possibly see how the fallen angel try to fit in the human world which is expected to bring some humor into the movie.

Initially, Liefeld has already picked Gina Carano for the role but it seems like the project did not push through as there was never a confirmed actress to play the lead role. The film project also seems to be looking for a writer as Akiva Goldsman already has his hands full with the upcoming "Transformers" franchise. No possible candidates have been given for the position yet. Goldsman is said to be producing the movie under Paramount Pictures.

Based on reports, "Avengelyne" is likely to be a standalone movie with no connections or possible crossover in any cinematic universe. It is a comic book property inspired by Ben Dunn's comic "Nun Areala" of Antartic Press. It was initially published by Maximum Press, founded by Rob Liefeld before it transferred to different publishers including Arcana Studio. Today it is owned by Image Comics and its last comic was published in July 2011 under Mark Poulton and Owen Gieni.

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