Infinite Warfare Guide: All Zombies In Spaceland Perks And Their Locations

Call of Duty's famous Zombie mode is again featured in the game's latest installment, Infinite Warfare. This time, the mode revolves around a futuristic place called Spaceland. Though it can be played normally, there are still hidden perks around the map that will add fun to the game. These are the locations of the perks and what do they do.

Up And Atoms. This perk is located at the right side of the spawn room next to the Hailstorm buy. It has an ability similar to Quick Revive. This cost 500 if you are playing solo while 1500 for co-op. The generator can be found at the right side of the spawn room.

Tuff Enough. This costs 2500. It increases your health from three to five hits similar to the Juggernog. You can find this somewhere in the Star Mission while its generator can be found in the Rover Rampage next to the door.

Quickies. With 3000 points, Quickies helps you speed up your reload times as well as building barriers. This is located on the second floor of the Polar Peak. You can also find its generator just around the area.

Bang Bangs. Bang Bangs doubles your firepower and also increases fire rate. You can find this near the fountain of Hyper Slopes in Triton. Turn on the generator found at the Moonlight Café in Kepler.

Blue Bolts. Blue Bolts activates electric bolts around the player while reloading. It is located in the alley next to the door at the Cosmic Dance Party in Journey Into Space. Blue Bolts costs 2000 points. The generator is in the Astrocade near the portal.

Slappy Taffy. Slappy Taffy is found in the stairway between the Chromosphere and Moonlight Café while its power generator is located up above the stairs. Its effect is similar to Widow's Wine that increases melee damage and slows down zombies. You can activate this perk with 2000 points.

Bombstoppers. Found in the Space Croc Champ in the Kepler System, Bombstoppers remove all explosive damages just like PhD Flopper. This will cost you 1500 points. The generator is found up above the stairs of the Moonlight Café.

Trail Blazzers. Trail Blazzers activates a fire behind you if you slide. This costs 2000 and can be found in the Cosmic Dance Party at the back of Astrocade. The power generator is located next to the portal in Astrocade.

Mule Munchies. Similar to Mule Kick, Mule Munchies is a perk that allows you to carry one extra gun in addition to your already two guns. Mule Munchies costs 2000 points and can be found near the Cosmic Tunes in Journey Into Space. Activate the generator first located next to the door in Rover Rampage.

Racin' Stripes. This perk costs 2000 which increases your sprinting speed. The power generator can be found next to the portal in Astrocade. Racin' Stripes is located below the polar beak underground between Astrocade and Spaceship Splash in Triton.

Those are the 10 perks available everywhere in the Spaceland. Note that you can only have five perks at a time. If you are having a hard time locating these perks, you can visit this Steam community page for a map. For extra tips on killing those nasty zombies, you can also activate the Pack-A-Punch Machine.

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