Young Heavy Drinkers To Suffer From More Health Problems As They Grow Older

A new study suggests that young adults who are heavy drinkers in their early years are found to suffer more health problems later in life as compared to moderate to non drinkers. Study author Randy Haber, a clinical psychologist with the Palo Alto Veterans Affairs Health Care System, in Menlo Park, California has also added that the effects were even seen among former drinkers who had been free from alcoholism for decades

The study was said to have analyzed the effects of previous alcohol use in Vietnam-era veterans in their 60s. The Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs has also added that chronic drinkers are found to be twice as likely to get depression apart from the probable medical conditions.

CBS News has recently reported that there may be underlying consequences in either physical or mental health aspects brought by heavy drinking during young adulthood. Moreover, the findings suggest that heavy drinkers on their teenage years must be vigilant and should consider this on a more serious note.

Additionally, Sean Clarkin, director of research and external relations with the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids,has revealed that there are still a lot of things which people don't know about especially with the long-term effects of substance abuse in adolescents and as to how important it is for us to be educated on the prevention of these conditions from ever happening.

According to Daily Mail, Haber has also pointed out that recovering from alcoholism can cause a person's life to improve in almost all aspects of life which include having a healthy lifestyle such as having a balanced diet and not smoking. Experts claim that the health benefits of quitting from alcohol dependence as early as possible will also be carried through the latter years.

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