Dragon Ball Super Episode 66 Spoilers: 'Showdown' The Unyielding Warriors Miraculous Power

Dragon Ball Super Episode 66 Preview (Crunchyroll Subs)
The fight that will lead us to the new arc. Photo : Harry Price / YouTube

The last episode; which was aired today answered a lot of questions in Dragon Ball Super Series. Again, our heroes showed their determination to protect and defeat Merged Zamasu, but he himself was defiant.

Before we proceed with Episode 66, I think a recap is a must to some of the fans who weren't able to watch Episode 65. The latest installation of Dragon Ball Super started with a flashback of Episode 64 where Trunks and his friends was trying to contain Zamasu with the Evil Containment Wave but it failed.

Zamasu's anger and patience ran out as he and Black Goku used the Potara earrings to show its final form. "My form is justice, my form is the world, revere me, praise me, this noble and beautiful...immortal...and most powerful God..Zamasu", he states. Merged Zamasu or just Zamasu didn't waste anytime to showcase his powers.

Zamasu's Offensive Arsenal vs Goku's Kamehameha

The enraged villain now calls himself The Light of A God and his power is so evident that even Goku and Vegeta cannot contain it. Zamasu used his first attack and it's called ‘Blades of Judgement'. The attack was so strong it reached miles and miles away. Apparently, when Zamasu and Goku Black merged it didn't only combine their powers but it extended it to a whole new level. A power of immortality and power of ultimate strength, these is what the saiyans are dealing with. Then he showed the Lighting of Absolution.

Zamasu was not even scratched on any of their attacks until he was distracted by Trunks. Goku unleashed his patented kamehameha and Zamasu released what he calls the Holy Wrath. Their forces collide and it made a giant energy ball meeting in the center. The episode showed that Goku is winning and he might have broken the shield like structure surrounding Zamasu.

Episode 66: "Showdown" The Unyielding Warriors Miraculous Power

Although there are no confirmations yet directly from the creators of the, some respected spoiler sites has provided us a glimpse of episode 66. Geekdom announced on his channel that the title will be "Showdown" The Unyielding Warriors Miraculous Power. One key note that he pointed out is about the potara earrings that Zamasu used while they are on their peak. The older Kai's have warned Goku before never used fusion while transforming as it will destroy your body. Thus, leading us to the next episode.

Vegito Resurfaces Again

A lot of fans were actually pushing or leaning for this to happen. If there's a character that they want to defeat Zamasu it would be Vegito. Why? Vegito is a total bada** and it does make sense if he will return on Episode 66. His emergence means another twist of the story as we are seeing a new arc being unfold. Also, if we are going to dig deeper on the previous episodes, the King Of All stated before that he is interested in bringing up another tournament that will bring the best fighters from 12 universe. Vegito might be the greatest for our planet.

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