Russell Westbrook And Kevin Durant's Reunion Is Just The Beginning Of A Great Rivalry

If you thought that the first meeting between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Golden State Warriors is already finish, then you might want to think again as this is the only beginning of a new rivalry from both teams.

The former NBA Champions basically annihilated Oklahoma City Thunder during their first meeting. It was lopsided and a total destruction to what was anticipated as one of the most competitive games during this season. It looks entertaining during the first half when the scores were respectable until the former Thunder torch them with multiple 3 pointers. However, the Thunder was defiant and even had a chit chat, trash talking moments with Kevin Durant.

Russell Westbrook vs Kevin Durant

Ever since Kevin Durant left the Thunder and joined their rival Golden State Warriors, things got a little chippy between the two former teammates/friends. Durant was a free agent but opted to sign with their nemesis. He mentioned that it was fun playing with the Warriors rather than the Thunder. The former MVP even said that his new team plays unselfish not like what he has in Oklahoma.

Russell Westbrook is no push over and he made a statement about it. He went to social media to share his thoughts about Kevin Durant. He posted a picture of a cupcake which was directed to Kevin Durant and NBA fans lose it when they saw it. He even answered the allegations of Durant's team as unselfish comparing to his team. And lastly, when he arrived last week at the Bay Area, Russ wore a professional photographer vest which is a direct dissed to Kevin Durant who is fond of photography.

Next Game Mentality

Although the Oklahoma City Thunder lost, they are still positive about the outcome. They were able to pinpoint their mistakes on the game and they vowed to bounce back once they'll meet again. Westbrook said that the Golden State Warriors, led by Kevin Durant talk a lot of trash during the game but he promised that he will destroy the Warriors and most specially, KD.

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