These 5 Pokemon GO Gen 2 Final Evolutions Are Just Simply Amazing!

These 5 Pokemon GO Gen 2 Final Evolutions Are Just Simply Amazing!
Pokemon GO Gen 2 update is said to introduce a lot of final evolutions for Gen 1 Pokemon. Photo : BearticGaming/YouTube

One of the things Pokemon GO players are so excited about is the so-called Gen 2 update. And yeah, there's no doubt about it. This update has long been in the rumor mill, but until now, Niantic hasn't released any statements or whatsoever. But of course, that doesn't necessarily stop the players from speculating. It even makes them more excited as each day passes by. Well, to turn the volume up, here are the top 5 Pokemon getting evolutions once the aforesaid update comes!

Crobat In Pokemon GO

Obviously, Crobat is an easy favorite in Pokemon GO. It's as if almost all players own this creature. Zubat, in its most organic form, is the third and final evolution of Zubat. This process could cost players something around 100 to 400 candies, though it depends on the respective stats of Crobats. However, there are talks that Niantic might introduce a new way evolving of Pokemon in the future. Of how it's going to be done, well, that's certainly unknown.

Politoed In Pokemon GO

This one here is Poliwag's final form in Pokemon GO, though the creature has lots of final transformations to consider. Nevertheless, in other games, Politoed can be evolved when players tend to hold a King's Rock. So, if there's a possibility of Niantic adding a Trading System, then this might be the only way to go. Or, in one way or another, the candy process can also be another option. But hey, the Trading process is pretty much cooler that the latter.

Steelix In Pokemon GO

There's no doubt that lots of Pokemon GO players have been hoping to get hold of Steelix. This is also a Pokemon that can be achieved by way of trading. If the studio will (again) move with such system, it's safe to say that there will be brand new items in the future. These things could possibly be designed mere for trading or evolving creatures. The Pokemon is an evolved form from Onix.

Blissey In Pokemon GO

It's worth noting that in Pokemon GO, Blissey is deemed as Chansey's final form or evolution. This is also among those Pokemon that'll require a good amount of Happiness or Friendship meter so as to conduct an evolution process. This is another proof that the developers are looking towards making the Buddy System a robust one once the titular Gen 2 update officially arrives.

Kingdra In Pokemon GO

Another final stage of evolution in Pokemon GO is no other than Kingdra (from Horsea or Seadra). And again, this one here is among those Pokemon that'll be needing a bunch of specific items in order to evolve -- the Dragon Scale, in particular. Many fans believe that Niantic might also push for candy requirements for Kingdra, though either options have been confirmed. Nonetheless, it's a flexible thought to have.

What are your thoughts on Pokemon GO as well as the highly anticipated Gen 2 update? How about the aforementioned Pokemon or evolutions? Which one is your favorite or the ones you're really looking forward to? Lastly, when do you think will Niantic release the said update? Share us your answers at the comment section below!

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