Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update: What We Know So Far

Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update: What We Know So Far
Pokemon GO Gen 2 has been rumored to be released by Niantic sometime next year. Photo : BearticGaming/YouTube

It holds true that Pokemon GO is just the best title ever released this year. It grew to be a very unique game, earning a solid reception from both the industry and the community. However, it's a fact that fans have long been hoping for Niantic to make it a little bit interesting. One particular request is the release of the Gen 2 update, which many believe to offer various features and newer Pokemon. So far, here's everything we know about it in a nutshell.

The 150 Pokemon GO Monsters Mark

Pokemon GO Gen 2 update has long been in the rumor mill, with people suggesting its release sometime next year. It remains a mystery, however, as to when exactly it'll arrive. Heck, there are those who doubt the 2017 release window. Nonetheless, fans suggest that Niantic will only release the aforementioned update once the first 150 Gen 1 Pokemon have been unleashed. So, if this is the case, players will get to experience first this set of creatures before the second generation of species will arrive.

Legendary Pokemon In Pokemon GO Gen 2

It's no secret that Pokemon GO fans have been hoping to get hold of the titular Legendary Pokemon. From Mew to Mewtwo to the Legendary Birds, these have all been part of a trainer's wish list. Unfortunately, as of this writing, these special creatures have yet to find their way to the hit augmented reality game. However, reports have it that as soon as Gen 2 update arrives, these Legendary monsters will also be introduced. And that it's only a matter of time before fans will get to experience them soon.

Pokemon GO Gen 2 Trading System

Time after time, Pokemon GO players have been looking for ways to interact with other trainers. And along those lines, the idea of having a trading system surfaced. This system basically allows players to process trades with others, something that will also allow them to communicate. While its possibility of happening is very likely, its technicalities are unknown. Besides, Niantic isn't generous enough when it comes to teasing such system.

Region-Locked In Pokemon GO Gen 2

This is definitely among the interesting suggestions that the Pokemon GO community has for the game. That they want to see region-locked Pokemon, or at least, more of them. For instance, Miltank might be only available to players located in North America, while Asia is synonymous to Heracross. If one is to visit forums about the game, he/she will notice just how people love talking about region-locked species. Unfortunately, no word about it from studio just yet.

Battles In Pokemon GO Gen 2

As of this writing, the only battle system that Pokemon GO has is the gym battle. But obviously, fans more than this. Players want to have the capability to battle other players in a more systematic and interesting fashion. If the other Pokemon games were able to include such, it shouldn't be a hard catch for Niantic's title. Well, who knows -- the devs might have started working on this feature.

What are your thoughts on Pokemon GO as well as the Gen 2 update? What features are you looking forward to? Any other you can think of? Share to us what your thoughts are by simply using the comment section that can be found below!

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