3 Things Every Fan Is Expecting From God Of War 4

God Of War Developer Cancels Upcoming Sci-Fi Game After Leaks Went Out
The developer of the successful "God of War" games, SonySanta Monica, was just reported to have cancelled a big sci-fi game. This happened amidst the recent leaks that went out. Photo : MKIceAndFire/YouTube

God of War 4 is still far from arriving, but it sure is creating a momentum as each day passes by. After all, Sony has really given fans something to look forward to just by seeing the game's demo at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo). But of course, the sad thing, less has been known about the forthcoming title other than the aforesaid. Well, this is actually the whole purpose of this article -- to give 3 expectations we have for the upcoming sequel.

As previously reported here at iTech Post, Sony isn't all in about releasing more God of War 4 demos in the future. That instead of doing so, they'll just resort on keeping things under wraps. Or perhaps, they can move with such direction if and only if the game is like weeks away from the official release. So, just all hopes for the title!

Great Visuals For God Of War 4

This should always be the first on the list of expectations for God of War 4. Besides, it's going to be the fourth installment in the franchise. Hence we can expect Sony to really up the ante here. As a matter of fact, graphical power has always been the magnifying asset of the series. The developers have quickly captivated the hearts of the fans thanks to godlike visuals and stuff. But with GOW4, fans can hope for the team to raise the bar higher. Maybe people can see a more detailed fight scene between the Norse gods and Kratos. Now that's a picture worth a thousand words, right? Of course!

Multiplayer In God Of War 4

This God of War 4 expectation here can be ferreted out from God of War: Ascension, a title that really took the multiplayer experience to a whole new level. Regardless though, the franchise has really earned a reputation in being one of the best single player game out there. But of course, it would still be cool to have someone playing with your side by side -- most especially on campaigns. In terms of how Sony will bring this, it remains to be unseen. And with that being said, here's to hoping it's going to be a unique multiplayer feature.

Boss Battles In God Of War 4

First and foremost, God of War 4 needs this. Why? That's because all three of the titles in the series did a great job in terms of offering boss battles to players. So, why keep such excitement from leveling up in the forthcoming title, right? In a sense, there's that possibility of Sony making such gameplay more intense. Probably Kratos will once again face massive monsters or creatures, only that they'll be a little bit difficult this time. Or perhaps, the tech giant can tweak the gameplay mechanic to help ease the experience. The ideas here is really unlimited, and these are something worth hoping for.

What are your thoughts on God of War 4? How about the aforementioned ideas? Any expectations you have for the game? In a way, what's your ideal feature for the forthcoming game? Share us what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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