Necromancer In Diablo 3 Is 'Not Free' And Everything You Want To Know

Finally, four years after launched, Diablo 3 will have a new major update as Blizzard confirmed today the arrival of the Necromancer class. It will be included as a part of the Rise of the Necromancer pack for the Reaper of Souls expansion in 2017. However, if you are one of the players who want to experience the updates, you won't have it for free. These are the other things you want to know about the release of the new content.

What are the prerequisites to have access to the Necromancer? Players need to have both Diablo III and Reaper of Souls to access the content. For console players, they should have The Ultimate Evil Edition. Blizzard, however, said that they are still settling on the final details.

What else will players get from the Rise of the Necromancer pack? Aside from unlocking the playable character Necromancer, they will also get other things like an in-game pet, two additional character slots, to additional stash tabs for PC, portrait frame, banner, banner sigil, and a pennant.

When will it be available for purchase or in-game? Blizzard did not set a specific date for the release of the new content. They only said that they will provide more details as it comes near. It should be sometime in 2017.

How much will it cost? Blizzard did not also state the price of the content. According to the development company, they are not ready to announce a price just yet but advises players and fans to stay tuned.

According to Frank Pearce from Blizzard, this new upcoming Necromancer class is inspired from Diablo 2's version. Meaning, abilities like Corpse Explosion and Bone Spear will be showcased again. Players who attended BlizzCon right now are able to play this character. These are the screenshots taken from the BlizzCon Press KitIn other news, Blizzard also revealed two new heroes for the Heroes of the Storm as well as other updates for the game. Also confirmed today is the new Overwatch hero, Sombra.

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