5 Must-Have PlayStation VR Improvements Gamers Are Dying To See

PlayStation VR is slowly dominating the console world because gaming experience has been none its usual self. Sure there have been some bad reviews and still a rather limited game list but it can be better with a few more tweaks. Speaking of tweaks, here are some suggestions fans want to see Sony make on the PS VR.

360 Screenshots

It would be really nice to get a screenshot of what the player is actually seeing inside the VR world and it will be very cool to show it off to friends. In the past, PS4 sales got boosted partly because of the screenshots made by players then tweeted using the #PS4Share hashtag. Sony can replicate this marketing strategy as well and make it a win-win situation.

More Options in the Configuration Process

When you put on your PS VR to play, you will go through the configuration process to make sure that your play space is clear and safe. It would be much better if Sony will add more options, such as the ability to position yourself in the middle of the camera's view as well as to place your controller light bar at the center and be detected much more like the auto sign-in at PS4. Although this tweak might be small, it will make the game much slicker because there will be fewer resets.

VR Broadcasters Compatibility

Sony should consider teaming up with VR broadcasters, such as YouTube and Netflix instead of just making itself exclusive for indie developers and game publishers. Allowing the PS VR to play other types of media will surely add more to the appeal of the console. It will also give people more reason to put their VR headsets. What could be better than watching your favorite sports or TV series in VR mode after playing Rez?

More Access to Custom Apps

It would be nice if Sony will give more access to custom apps, such as virtual driving apps or virtual tourism apps. These kinds of apps might soon be available on Vive and Oculus; thus, Sony has to keep its competitive edge by providing its users with similar specialist apps other than the limited options now.

Numerical Value on the Volume Control

For some, it might not really matter as our ears can already tell how much volume we want the game to be. However, a numerical value on the volume control will really help especially if you're adjusting the volume during the quiet part of the game; thus, when it transitions, your ears won't be blasted by too much noise suddenly coming out from the speakers.

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