'Frozen 2' Spoilers: Elsa And Jack Frost Love Story Happening? Rumors And Facts About The Upcoming Sequel Unveiled

'Frozen 2' News And Updates: Elsa And Jack Frost Love Story Happening? Rumors And Facts About The Upcoming Sequel Unveiled
Will Jack Frost make an appearance as Elsa's love interest in "Frozen 2?" Photo : Isha Agustin/ Facebook

Fans of the highly anticipated "Frozen 2" have been clamoring for it for the past few months, showing enthusiasm about any details and updates related to the movie. Unfortunately, Disney has been doing such a great job in keeping everything under wraps, making it a point not to spoil anything for fans this early on.

With that, avid supporters of the hit franchise resorted to other means to keep them sated for the time being. Endless theories about the movie have surfaced online. Some of which are believable while others sound rather ridiculous. Check them out below.

"Frozen 2" To Feature Elsa And Jack Frost Love Story

Rumors are rife that Elsa is finally getting a love interest in "Frozen 2." Reports claim that the Queen of Arendelle will have a romantic relationship with none other than Jack Frost. That's right. As ridiculous as it may sound, many fans are actually rooting for the said team up. In fact, there were fan-made videos of Elsa and Jack Frost's alleged love story and I have to say, it has the potential.

Given that Jack Frost is greatly associated with ice, pretty much like Elsa, it's inevitable for fans to think that they are a perfect match. There was even a point when a fan launched an online petition to have Jack Frost in "Frozen 2." Unfortunately, the said petition was not successful. So far, there has been no confirmation about Jack Frost's appearance in the sequel. But in case it did push through, will Elsa and Jack Frost make a good love team?

Elsa Gets A Girlfriend In Sequel

If Jack Frost isn't enough, will a girlfriend be a better option for Elsa? Apparently, some think it will be. Recently, there were numerous reports claiming that Elsa is getting a girlfriend in "Frozen 2." In fact, just like Jack Frost, the said "girlfriend" also got an online petition to push through. The controversial #GiveElsaAGirlfriend became a trending topic online and has been supported by the LGBT community.

Even the actress who voiced Elsa, Idina Menzel, expressed her excitement about the idea. "I think it's a wonderful idea. It's a wonderful conversation that we should all have about whether a Disney princess or queen could be gay," the 45-year-old singer/actress said in an interview with Ellen. However, there were no words from Disney or the creators about the alleged inclusion of a "girlfriend" in Elsa's story.

Olaf Gets A Girlfriend Too 

The ever loyal snowman, Olaf, will allegedly get a girlfriend too. There were claims that it's about time for the beloved sidekick to get a partner especially with everyone around him being in love and happy - Anna and Kristoff with their blossoming romance, Elsa happily ruling the kingdom. Now that Elsa is finally getting used to the ability of her ice powers, it should be easier for her to do a female version of Olaf right?

Anna's Superpowers Revealed

If you have a sister with superpowers, isn't it only fitting for you to have one too? That's what rumors have been pointing out when they claim that Anna will unveil her superpowers in "Frozen 2." Given that her sister possesses the power of ice, Anna will allegedly acquire the power of fire. Sounds cool (or hot).

According to reports, Anna will have the ability to create fire. Apparently, this will also lead her to become greedy for power. Rumors claim that Anna will turn to the dark side and will use her powers to eliminate Elsa to become the next Queen of Arandelle. Now that definitely sounds ridiculous. Considering the tight relationship of the sisters in "Frozen" and the massive popularity of Elsa to fans, especially children, killing her off is totally farfetched.

"Frozen 2" Will Not Be Coming Out Before 2018

Perhaps the most asked question since the day "Frozen 2" was announced is "When will it come out?" Apparently, not before 2018. Reports claim that the sequel might take a while to produce, considering that the first one took two years to create. Not to mention other projects scheduled to be released before "Frozen 2" including "Moana."

There were also reports claiming that Disney is not in a hurry to release the sequel at all. "We're not demanding speed," Disney's CEO, Robert Iger said in January, "We're demanding excellence." Given the movie's success, it definitely earned the right to work at its own pace.

Kristen Bell And Idina Menzel Will Reprise Their Roles

No, Idina Menzel will not be replaced by Taylor Swift,Rihanna, Vanessa Hudgens or whoever that is. The actress has been confirmed to reprise her role as Elsa. The same goes with Kristen Bell, for her role as Anna, who has been actively giving an update about "Frozen 2." Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell are definitely inseparable with Elsa and Anna. The two became a trademark for the franchise that replacing one would change the entirety of the movie. Fans can expect to hear their lovely voices in "Frozen 2." Who knows maybe they'll even do an epic duet of "Let It Go."

Those were just a few of the endless theories about the upcoming "Frozen 2." Some of them were convincing while others are just nah! Any rumors or facts about "Frozen 2" that were not mentioned above? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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