All Out War For Privacy And Custody Of The Kids vs Brad Pitt Brutal Dad

After checking in on the status of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's separation two weeks ago, the estranged couple was privately negotiating though the Los Angeles Department of Child and Family Services continued its investigation into Pitt's alleged bad behavior. Today, that investigation is still going on, and those private negotiations appear to be non-progressive.

Pitt Appeals For Joint Custody Of Kids; The Legal Battle Begins

On Friday, Pitt filed an official petition to Jolie's divorce request, which he earlier said he would not do, because he wanted to evade such "nasty legal battle." Well, bring on: Pitt is appealing for joint custody of the couple's six children in reaction to Jolie's original request for sole custody. Jolie at the moment has the sole custody of the kids thanks to a temporary deal with the DCFS, and now Pitt is ready to fight her on that for the future. People, the paper that Pitt's camp has been seepage-like throughout the divorce, admitted this weekend that Pitt's filing implies a "difficult custody fight" ahead.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Divorce Battle More Of A Death Match?

"One Angelina source said this is looking more and more like 'War of the Roses redux.'" So, it's a death match now.

Jolie has been planning to fight Pitt for custody from the start, so it's no surprise that TMZ, her camp's gossip of choice, posted a response to Pitt this morning. "ANGELINA JOLIE: Brad's Dreaming ... HE'S NOT GETTING JOINT CUSTODY," the site blared. Sources "connected to Angelina" claim that she's "ready and willing to fight" Pitt in court. "Until he gets his s**t together," the sources say, Jolie wants Pitt to have only supervised visits with the children. She is clinging to her original line that Pitt has "substance abuse and anger issues that must be addressed."

Since Jolie filed for divorce last September, we've seen a few spark-plugs like this, and they've always been focus to the main and only issue of divorce: custody. Jolie is contentiously pursuing an extreme holding, and Pitt cannot seem to figure out how to match her. Now she is carrying a clear message: Before she will come to the haggling the table, he must "get his s**t together." His alleged "substance abuse and anger issues must be addressed." Does this mean Pitt by legal counsel might encourage him go to rehab?

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