Khloe Kardashian Flashes Her Nipples Two Weeks After Surgery

The Kardashians aren't new in making a buzz in the industry. In fact, they are doing it for a living. We already heard the news about Kim K's robbery and Kylie's beef with Blac Chyna and her brother Rob. Now, its Khloe's turn.

Khloe Kardashian is considered as the most animated and vocal Kardashian in the Kardashian family. She did made a lot of headlines specifically on her relationship but right now the spotlight is on her own. It's approximately 3 weeks when Khloe went to a surgery to make her boobs bigger. Now, she is showing off what everyone wants to see, the newly reconstructed breast after the surgery.

Khloe Flashes Her Nipples And Proud Of The Results

Khloe stunned the public when she went out with a provocative leotard outfit to match her jeans. Khloe flaunted her nipples and was proud about it she didn't even mind people taking pictures of her. She was so happy and confident as per reports states, she always wanted to have a boob that is bigger same with her sister Kim K. The other day she again flashes her underboob using a cute cut shirt.

Tristan Thompson And Khloe Kardashian Wedding

Since Khloe left the troubled former LA Lakers player Lamar Odom, she immediately moved on to have a peace of mind. At first, it wasn't easy due to Lamar's needs of comfort because of his drug addiction issues. But enough is enough when Khloe decided to move on. During the process, she met the newly crowned champion Tristan Thompson of Cleveland Cavaliers. And soon after they declared that they are dating, they were already planning about getting married. There are also reports that Khloe is on the move to Cleveland to be with his soon-to-be-husband double T.

Although the plans are laid out already, Tristan Thompson is mum about it. The versatile player is not used to be in the headlines but once you are linked with the Kardashians, you should be ready with these impending consequences of being in the spotlight all the time.

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