Rihanna Obsessed With Brad Pitt, Admits That She Is In Love With The Ageless Actor

Are we seeing a new power couple?
Rihanna and Brad Pitt, a new flame to forget their old flame. Photo : splashnaijaNGGists / YouTube

It's been almost a month since the Brangelina divorce saga started, some fans are devastated about it and some fans are happy about it. In a recent news, an A-lister celebrity confirmed that she was actually pining for the power couple to break up.

Breaking Up And Rekindling Past Flame

Breaking up with somebody might be one of the saddest thing that will happen especially if you've been together for how many years. Ending up a relationship will not only break you emotionally but physically and mentally as well. How will you react if you woke up one day and your better half is not around, sad right?

Well, for others, they find it as an opportune time to rekindle with others who is going through the same path that they are going. That leads us to Rihanna. The cultural icon is not shy when it comes to admitting what she thinks is right. Rihanna who has a couple of setback is not new to this kind of issues and she might get what she ask for.

Rihanna's Obsession With Brad Pitt

Rihanna is obsessed with Brad Pitt and she's not denying it. On a recent interview with Star Magazine, the pop star said that she has been waiting for the rihgt moment to make her move on her long-time crush Brad Pitt. The World War Z actor might be older than the singer but age doesn't matter as shown in numerous occasions.

Rihanna's First Encounter With Brad Pitt Ignited Pangs Of Jealousy In Angelia Jolie

Rihanna and Brad Pitt first met during the Make It Right Charity concert down in New Orleans last 2012. They got along so well that Angelina Jolie considered the singer as a thorn on their relationship. Jolie did admit in one of her outburst that Rihanna is a threat to anybody because she's "touchy". Rihanna never commented on what Angelina Jolie told the media but we all know Rihanna is not backing down on anybody.

Brihanna - The New Power Couple To Beat?

To say that the two A-listers are the new power couple is way too early. First of, Rihanna is still linked to Chris Brown but until know we don't really know what the real score between them. Secondly, Brad Pitt is still hurting and is keeping himself out of the spotlight. Unfortunately, some fans cannot contain their excitement and made a name for them already, and they are calling it "Brihanna".

We are not ruling this out but this is close to impossible. I think what Rihanna's doing is to make Drake jealous. She knows that him being linked to Brad Pitt is bigger than Drake having an affair with Taylor Swift. Both of them are making the headlines but the latter makes the most buzz. The Brangelina Saga will be considered as one of the most talked about breakup in history. Their problems created a rift not only between the two parties involved but from everybody else in and around the celebrity circle such as Jennifer Aniston, Selena Gomez and now, Rihanna.

Stay tuned for more updates as this is not the end of their saga. Its just another chapter to a storied book. For the meantime, let us check out this fan-made video of Brad Pitt and Rihanna.

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