Top 3 Epic Social Media Posts From The US Presidential Elections

Top 3 Epic Social Media Posts From The US Presidential Elections
We play tribute to this year's elections played host to a number of epic social media posts and gaffes. Photo : Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The 2016 U.S. presidential elections have had some famous moments in the campaigns, the speeches and the press conferences, in which every single candidate have committed both great moments and bad ones. However, social media has been the place where everyone of them had their most epic moments, making the election an incredibly entertaining event. These are the top 3 moments.

Donald Trump´s "Star of David"

Although the Republican nominee has been characterized for knowing how to take advantage of social media, this wasn't precisely one of his coolest moments, since he made a huge mistake in one of his post. Of course, it went viral, but whether it was popular or not is not the case here.

What Trump did was to tweet a photo slamming the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton as the "Most Corrupt Candidate Ever". The surprise it wasn't this kind of statement, but the fact that the image shows the word "corrupt" inside a six pointed star. Naturally, this was seen as an anti-semitic issue.

Trump´s campaign tried to solve the situation, but ended up failing miserably, by explaining that far from being something related to Jews, the "corrupt" verbiage was set inside a "Sheriff´s Star". As might be expected, the poorly Photoshopped picture was later replaced with a circle overlay, and some days after the Tweet was finally deleted.

Hillary Clinton told Trump very seriously to delete his Twitter account

When someone talks in a serious manner its message is likely to be more powerful, whether it is a claiming, a joke, a sarcasm or an order. This is exactly what happened with one of the most famous tweets that Hillary Clinton wrote, in which she literally told Donald Trump to delete his Twitter account.

The story goes like this: President Obama endorsed Clinton and gave her his support in the elections, and then Trump tweeted "Obama just endorsed Crooked Hillary. He wants four more years of Obama- but nobody else does!". Far from ignoring the post, Clinton responded with a mic cropping tweet in which she told him "Delete your account," nothing more, nothing less.

This tweet ended up being so popular than Clinton backers used these simple three words to engage the Republican candidate and his supporters for some weeks. The significance of this situation was that Trump has always ruled social media in the elections, and this was a moment when Clinton actually beat him on this feature, becoming the most retweeted post ever, as reported by The Guardian.

Lindsay Graham´s Cellphone On Youtube

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Grahm weren't precisely the most popular Republican candidate in the party primaries, but he had his few minutes of huge and hilarious fame because of a YouTube video in which he treated his cellphone as Negan treated Abraham Ford on :The Walking Dead." But let´s go back to the beginning.

Everything started a year ago at the South Carolina rally, when Donald Trump decided to release Graham´s personal phone. As might be expected this situation positioned Trump on the headlines, and forced Graham to change his number. However, he had a wonderful and violent idea: make something controversial about it and posted it on a famous social media.

That´s how he decided to record a video in which he went crazy on his cellphone and destroyed it in the most eccentric ways. Then he posted the video on YouTube, and he earned a delicate moment for his political aspirations. However, his poll numbers never rose above 1 percent.

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