Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Update: Mass Effect 2 And 3 Now Available, Completing The Trilogy

Mass Effect fans rejoice as the trilogy can now be reminisced on the Xbox One as a set of backwards compatibility titles. If you have all the time to relive all 3 titles, then by all means pickup your Xbox One controller and start gaming right now. Commander Shepard is always ready to be commandeered (no pun intended).

Just today, and most probably to celebrate N7 day, a teaser was posted on Twitter regarding the Mass effect trilogy being available as backwards compatibility titles for the Xbox One. Initially, the first Mass Effect game was already a title from day one. Fans have been complaining on why the complete trilogy isn't on the list, and today their prayers are answered.

The image shows the 3 games, Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3 presented side by side on their original Xbox 360 cover arts. Hovering on top of the 3 titles says: "Now Playable on Xbox One". On top of that, the caption on the tweet says: "Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3 are now playable on Xbox One via backwards compatibility.

How about DLC's?

According to, the DLCs will be available across all games via "as we speak". Though this has to be confirmed with Microsoft and BioWare. Anyway, with the tweet stated above, it is safe to say that the long awaited Mass Effect trilogy is now finally home and ready for play for the Xbox One.

Improving Xbox 360 Library for the Xbox One

Having the Mass Effect trilogy in its backwards compatibility library has strengthened the feature itself more and more. Fans will be so happy on what N7 Day has given them; a really nice must have for your collection. This will also give the chance for players who did not finish any of the titles to pick up the game again and start retracing commander Shepard's adventures. What's your wish list when it comes to Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One? Hit us with your comments below.

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