Climate Change Facts: Natural Hazards More Costly Now

Global warming and climate change can be harmful to the environment. Even humans face danger as the climate continues to shift. This can be costly over time. One of the climate change facts is that natural hazards are more costly now.

Climate change is bringing in an increasing number of hazards to the environment. These hazards affect people as well. Some of them can be costly, such as extreme bush and forest fires. Heat waves can affect people's health.

The study has been made in Australia and there recorded some of the threats posed by climate change. Some of these are flood, storms and heat wave. Drought can also come as the heat wave worsens. Bushfire is also associated to heat wave, and more of it would be seen.

Seth Westra, head of the Intelligent Water Decisions group and Associate Professor at the University of Adelaide said that temperature-related hazards have been increasing. These hazards would become more extreme as climate change and global warming continues. Cyclones might not be as frequent, though when they do come they could be more severe.

Much of the hazards are connected to each other, as Westra has observed. Drought and heat wave is connected, and with drought an increased risk of bushfires can also come. Flooding can meanwhile happen near coastlines.

Dr. Kathleen McInnes is the lead author on the study of coastal extremes. She said that flooding can happen as sea levels rise and storm surges would be much more severe with cyclones becoming stronger. High waves from storm surges can mean erosion in many coastal areas, according to Phys Org.

The series of studies have been made by 47 scientists and eleven universities. These have been made with the collaboration of the Australian Water and Energy Research Initiative. The authors of the studies come from different universities, such as the Australian National University and the University of Melbourne. Government entities like the Bureau of Meteorology are also represented, as Science Daily reports

The findings that have been made include extreme bushfires, or mega fires. Heat waves are said to be the deadliest threats to Australia. The rising cost due to flooding in decades has also been noted. These are some of the climate change facts, as natural hazards become more costly now. Another danger is possibly seen in a report earlier, as the Earth's magnetic field is said to be gradually weakening.

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