Pokemon Go Update: Daily Quests Now Live; 0.45.0 APK Also Available For Late Regions

To fans of Pokemon Go who are diligent enough to log in to the app everyday to capture Pokemon and battle gyms and spin those blue Pokestops, here's for you. Niantic just made Pokemon Go daily quests live today so better go check if the update is already available for you to download.

Pokemon Go Latest Update

Pokemon Go update 0.45.0 for Android and 1.15.0 for iOS is starting to roll out all over the globe, Niantic reported. The 0.45.0 APK has also been tested and it's now verified. This new update is considered to be small but rewards are sure aplenty!

Pokemon Go Daily Quests

Just a few days ago, Niantic posted that a new update will be out soon that will surely delight the ever loyal fans. And Niantic sure did. With the new Pokemon Go update, you will earn bonuses for the very first Pokemon you catch and the first Pokestop you visit every single day. That will be 500XP and 600 stardust for the first Pokemon and first Pokestop will grant you 500XP plus exciting items. Wait, there's more!

Now if you're diligent enough (or not forgetful enough) to log in to Pokemon Go app for seven continuous days, more bonuses for you! Expect 2,400XP and 2,400 stardust for capturing a Pokemon and 2,000+ (and of course, bonus items) for spinning the Pokestop.

Pokemon Go Gym Update

Niantic announced that once you defeat a Pokemon Go gym leader at a rival gym, there will be a brief period of time that you can place one of your Pokemon in the open gym. So for that instant, no other trainer is said to be able to steal the gym from you.

Additionally, when you defeat a regular trainer from a rival Gym during a Pokemon Go battle, the amount of prestige you will receive is increased. However, the prestige you get when training at a friendly Gym is lower.

And of course, Niantic also did some minor text fixes for Pokemon Go to be better as ever. For Pokemon Go 0.45.0 APK instructions, go here. Now, go become the very best!

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