‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 65 Recap: Zamasu, Goku Black Fusion Too Much For Goku And Comrades?

In the last episode, Zamasu has fused with Goku Black and effectively combined the former's immortality and the latter's super strength. The resulting fusion is the most god-like entity that was seen in all of the Dragon Ball series. The combined being of the two appears as a regular Zamasu but with the hair of a Super Saiyan.

However, Zamasu Still Feels Insecure

Even with their combined powers, Zamasu still feels insecure because he knows that he is not really competent. Even then, the two have succeeded in creating a scenario where it will be very difficult for Goku and Vegeta to overcome. This setting is what makes "Dragon Ball Super" fun and exciting to watch. The prospect of the heroes being defeated this time keeps the fans on the edges of their seat to see what will happen.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 65 mostly shows Fused Zamasu constantly beating Goku and Vegeta. It seems there is no possibility for the two to beat this very powerful fusion being. Zamasu also keeps floating in the air boasting about his immortality, and how powerful and important he is.

What Makes Episode 65 Interesting

The thing that makes "Dragon Ball Super" episode 65 interesting is the preview of the next episode. The creators of the show casually presented a couple of crazy fluid animation obviously featuring Goku, Vegito and Vegeta's Potara Fusion made famous from the Buu arc. It is now very clear that Vegito will re-appear and in this regard, the preview is a real spoiler.

The following episode will show Vegito giving our heroes an immense power boost. However, there is no explanation yet given for the immortality being enjoyed by Zamasu. Therefore, even if the fans of "Dragon Ball Super" episode 65 will be thrilled with the explosive actions, they still wonder as to how Goku and Vegeta will take down the combined fusion of Zamasu and Goku Black. Fans can feel the thrill of the action by watching the video below.

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