Titanfall 2 Latest Update Brings Balanced Titans, Weapons And More

Over the weekend, another update for Titanfall 2 was released. The developer Respawn explained how the Titans are adjusted and how it will affect the gameplay to make it more balanced than before. Other inclusions of the update are incorporating private solo matches and minor bug fixes.

Titanfall 2's Latest Update Includes Titan Adjustment For A More Balanced Gameplay

Respawn just released the latest update for Titanfall 2. According to Reddit, the update includes adjusted two Titans and a weapon in order to balance the gameplay. But Jay Frechette, the community manager, did not further explain how the balancing was changed.

"The reason why we are not giving you folks specific details on the balancing is because we want you to just play and feel it out and let us know if it works, he said. "Telling you numbers and details could color your expectations before you play and then you're going into the game with a set perception."

Frechette did not elaborate any details on the update in order not to spoil what is expected on the update. He also said that if he revealed the Titans that were adjusted and the players did not like that, they will think that the update was unsuccessful and will not appreciate the game.

Titanfall 2's Other Updates For Map Hack

Titanfall 2's update does not only focus on the adjusted Titans and a well-balanced gameplay but also the Map Hack. Players are very much disappointed because of their locations were easily seen by their opponents.

According to VG247, the latest patch will solve the problem on Map Hack to make the location of the player not highlighted all the time. Before, the location was easily seen by the enemies making it easy to kill their opponents.

Respawn hopes that the latest update of Titanfall 2 will give the players what they have always wanted. The game will be better as the community manager has explained. If the update will be successful, then players will surely enjoy the more balanced gameplay.

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