Overwatch Update: Blizzard Promises More Characters, Maps In The Future

It's no secret that Overwatch is a huge success. It's even safe to say that it's among the highly celebrated titles from Blizzard. With the upcoming arrival of Sombra -- the game's newest hero to be released -- the hero roster of the game seems to be interestingly growing. But hey, it looks like the studio isn't going to stop there. The developer is expected to release more characters, as well as brand new maps in the future.

According to Mirror, Overwatch designer Scott Mercer and assistant game director Aaron Keller had shed some light on the future of the hit multiplayer first-person shooter game. They also shared their thoughts on the pressure of maintaining a brand new IP while being able to meet expectations after expectations. Both of them are basically among the brains behind the game.

In regards to releasing Sombra to Overwatch, the two already anticipated the idea of her being "wildly overpowered." Nonetheless, they expect tons of changes to happen over the period of time. Besides, the character is still in public test, so there are eventually changes happening within.

Mercer, on the other hand, said that there are other sort of tests they're conducting to every Overwatch hero. That there are characters in the roster that are barely played, thus they need to cover that aspect. Although these are all part of their wishlist, the two expect these changes to make it to the official game soon.

When asked about the possibility of adding more Overwatch heroes, Mercer confirmed that it's going to happen. That they've got "a lot of exciting ideas" that they want to see in the game. However, it's not going to be that easy, as they need to "find the right pace" in order to do so. After all, Blizzard doesn't want to overwhelm the community with various changes and whatnots.

The two pointed out that BlizzCon was a huge part for them as well as the whole Overwatch community. It helped them showcase the things that fans have been hoping for -- new characters, maps and game modes. And indeed, they were able to do so. With Sombra (new character), Oasis (new map) and Ecopoint Antartica (a map for the new game mode called Arcade), it seems things are looking even brighter for Blizzard's titular game.

What are your thoughts on the statements of Scott Mercer and Aaron Keller regarding Overwatch? Are you also excited to see more characters and maps in the game? What are your expectations? Please feel free to leave your comments below!

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