Resident Evil 7 Demo Update: Final Patch Will Arrive Next Month; Aims To Unlock More Mysteries

Capcom has not yet failed their fans as their information release plan for Resident Evil 7 is doing great so far, as they slowly unveiled some information without spoiling much of the content on the actual game. Currently, they have launched two teasers to hint a little bit more about the game. Prior to the newly released video teasers, Capcom has announced a surprise that fans have been waiting to hear.

According to the report from Attack of the Fanboy, the first video teaser was entitled Shadow and the second one is dubbed as Aunt Rhody. The first video footage shows a short recording of the player shooting at a horrific creature as it gradually sulks in for the kill. While on the other hand, Aunt Rhody features an extremely terrifying woman in a wheelchair.

However, the biggest news perhaps comes at the end of the last video, where it reveals that the game's demo version will be launching its final update next month. The demo version has already been updated once that prolonged the original demo slightly, but there are lots of mysteries left that fans have been trying to figure out up until now.

Resident Evil 7's plot still remains a mystery to all players and with the final update, fans are hoping that it would answer the remaining ambiguities on the upcoming game. It may not answer all of those, but at the very least, they can get something on the final update prior to the game's official release next year.

Capcom has previously released some information about the game such as the Mysterious Caller video that makes fans even more curious. Meanwhile, Resident Evil 7 will arrive on Jan. 24, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You can check out one of the two new video teasers below.

For the Shadow video footage :

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