The Hollywood Stars' Favorite Vacation Spots During The Christmas Holidays

Breathtaking Highlands Estate in Aspen, Colorado
People, who have earned the success in life, deserve a well-treated Christmas vacation and here are their ways of celebrating Christmas. Photo : Photo by Sotheby's International Realty/Youtube

The glitz and glam has its pitfalls. Celebrities eat and breathe stress,  this is why they treasure vacations and holidays especially during Christmas break. Finally, a time to break free from all the stress and to be with family and friends.  

Below are the top favored vacation spots of celebrities during the Christmas Holidays:

1. Dubai

Dubai has been the favorite hotspot of rich people like Kim Kardashian, Rita Ora and Kelly Broocks. The place is not just packed with white beaches and luxury resorts, but Dubai has been known to have their summer weather all year round.

Kim Kardashian once stated in her social media account that she is obsessed with Dubai. She stayed in Atlantis Palm Suite, where she experienced a five-star service. On the other hand, Nicole Scherzinger gave Dubai a great review after she had stayed in Burj Al-Arab. She said:

"It's like an exotic, way-more expensive Vegas."

2. Encore, Las Vegas

The well-known Encore hotel has been tagged as one of the most luxurious and expensive place to be on that town. The place offers a huge beach club packed with dance floors, restaurants, nightclub and cabanas. Celebrities, like Justin Bieber, were spotted in the place, enjoying Las Vegas' finest. For people who would want to have a modern take on the Christmas holidays, this is a great go-to place. Aside from that, there rate per night is $3,000. A rate only rich and famous people would not mind spending.

3. Aspen, Colorado

For people who would want to experience White Christmas, this is a must-see. Celebrities like Elle Macpherson, Paris Hilton and Jack Nicholson were one of the few people who choose to celebrate the holidays in this place, according to Hello Magazine.

Little Nell was the only five-star hotel that the place offers. Mariah Carey once shared their experienced while enjoying the breath-taking view of Aspen. Even celebrities like Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton allegedly admitted that the place helped to rekindle their love with each other.

4. Blancaneux Lodge, Belize

Spent $1800 a night, and enjoy the view that Director Ford Coppola and Reese Witherspoon had enjoyed for their past Christmas vacation. According to Reader's Digest, the place was tagged as eco-friendly and perfect for intimate celebrations. With riverfront cabanas, hikes, and waterfalls, this place should form part of your bucket lists. Their staff who offers great service and hospitality is a plus points for celebrities who experienced the place.

5. Cabo, San Lucas

The place tops the checklist of celebrities like George Clooney, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. Clooney owns a villa in the town where he invites his colleagues and friends.

Some celebrities like Justin Timberlake are spotted enjoying the party, golf course and nightlife in Cabo San Lucas. Even the popular Oprah Winfrey and Will Smith enjoyed the resort that the place offers. Capella Pedregal was one of the favorite places of the rich and famous in Cabo. It offers a room with own pool and a great view of the ocean.


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