Taylor Swift Tagged As One Of The Highest Paid Celebrities This Year, Who Else Made It To The Top?

Forbes Highest Paid Celebs Of 2016 & How Much They REALLY Made
With celebrities giving their full-time entertaining other people, who makes it on the list as highest paid people globally speaking? Photo : Photo by Clevver News /Youtube

Being a celebrity entails talents, skills, character and charisma to catch other people's attention. Once you have everything just like that, fame and success would come and follow. With this, some celebrities already made their name in the entertainment industry. But the real question is: who makes it on top and tagged as the highest paid among the others.

Below are the list of Hollywood stars who made it to the 2016's Highest Paid People, according to Forbes:

1. Madonna

The Material Girll has indeed earned her way up to the list through her recent tours that almost grossed up to $170 million. This would give her a total of $1.4 billion before removing the taxes and spending. She has been one of the icons in the music industryc; reason why fans are raving to see her up close and personal. Aside from being a musician, Madonna also earns from her perfume and clothing line. She has been an ambassador of different brands for quite some time. This made her earn a rightful spot in the list of highest paid celebrities.

2. Adele

Adele released her new album just recently. This became an avenue for her to reach the top in 2016. The record sold 3.38 million copies for its opening week. With fans craving to hear Adele's soulful voice, the singer seems to have gained the stardom in the field of music. Not just that, Adele, gets her income not only from music but for other things as well. Adele earns millions every time she has shows in the arena.

3. Kevin Hart

One of the few comedians who made it on the list is Kevin Hart. Ever since Hart has started in the entertainment industry, he has changed everyone's perspective in comedy. Hart, unlike any comedians we know, is doing concert tours just like singers and rock stars. Fans would pay a great amount of money to hear Kevin's funny lines. In addition to this, he had also played in almost 100 stadiums and arena for the past years. He grosses $1 million every time he performs.

4. One Direction

Having the skills and the looks needed to succeed in the entertainment industry, One Direction makes it to the top as the highest paid boy band of all time. Despite the band's decision to put an end to their group, their fame is still at its peak up to now. The boy band earned $200 million from their 'On The Road Again' tour. One Direction still grossed higher than expected even if Zayn Malik left the group last March 2015.

5. Taylor Swift

Despite the rumors and the controversies that Taylor Swift faced this year, the pop superstar made it to the top spot of the highest paid celebrity this year. She has smashed the Rolling Stone's North American Touring Record by grossing up to $200 million for her 1989 world tour. Being a household name, Swift has been a brand ambassador for Coke, Apple, and Keds.

Forbes determined who goes in first by evaluating people who exemplified greatness this year. From Hollywood stars to sports legends, the list was a truly a reliable one.

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