The 'PlayStation 4 Pro' Kickstarts The Resolution Revolution

With the upcoming launch of the much-awaited PlayStation 4 Pro, the age of 4K gaming is edging closer and closer to its full commencement. That would also be the primary selling point for Sony's mid-cycle console refresh, where the Pro will be their first-ever 4K console. But aside from offering amazing 4K graphics, the PS4 Pro is also composed of some powerful new hardware that will make all of your games run faster, smoother, and more vivid than ever before, while also tending towards gamers who have yet to upgrade to a 4K TV set. So the main question now is, is it worth upgrading to a PS4 Pro?

Looking at the physical features of the Pro

Answering yes immediately would cut the discussion immediately, so let's take a closer look at the console. First of all, from a purely visual point of view, the PS4 Pro is just a slimmer version of the older PS4 consoles. It may not look like the sleekest nor the most attractive console refresh of all time, but the matte black outer layer is a significant improvement over the glossy/matte mix of the former PS4.

Looking inside the PS4 Pro and why it will perform better than the PS4

But its looks has nothing to do with its performance, and if electronics junkies and games are concerned, it will always be what's on the inside that matters most. While the typical PS4 and the PlayStation 4 Pro share the same AMD Jaguar CPU, the Pro's processor has been enhanced from 1.6to 2.1 GHz. Also, the GPU's power has also been doubled, from 1.8 to 4.2 teraflops. They have also incorporated an additional 1GB of DRAM to enhance the console's capability of switching between apps, making it smoother than before.

Sony will incorporate older games to be compatible with the PS4 Pro

These are notable upgrades that you ought to know, but as Sony confirmed, a lot of games won't reach native 4K on the PS4 Pro. To reinforce this, various developers will be pumping the resolution as high as they can before implementing a method they call 'checkerboard,' which would render and bring the game to the desired 2160P resolution.

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