Why 'Nintendo Switch' Is Better Than 'Xbox Scorpio' And 'PlayStation 4 Pro'?

Say whatever you want about Nintendo, but the company is not boring. They are a creative group of guys that would really bring out something fresh for us to enjoy. As evidence to that statement, Nintendo has recently released their newest weird console: the Nintendo Switch, a revolutionary hybrid console that enables players to play full-fledged console games either on the go or in the comfort of their homes, featuring controllers that allow mobile multiplayer; something that we have never even seen before. It's a kind of gimmicky thing that, this time in recent memory, feels genuinely useful. And with its recent introduction, has gotten people so excited for a new console hardware that's not from either Sony or Microsoft.

Nintendo went a different path

Unlike traditional console developers like Sony or Microsoft, Nintendo went on a totally different path. From what we've seen so far, it is a very weird device that poses more questions than answers, which is good since we won't be getting any answers for some of those questions until its official release date. Unlike its competitors, the Switch is a revolutionary console that adds some quirky new features that truly separates it from traditional consoles. It sticks to its purpose and it doesn't have way too much unnecessary features. The Xbox One and the PS4 have concepts that pushes hardware power so much, we can potentially forget about the purpose of them to a certain point. The Switch's idea of idea of changing the way we are able to play our games is very refreshing compared to just pushing graphics a little more forward. So yes, to some degree, we can all agree that the Switch is definitely better than either the PS4 Pro or the Xbox Scorpio.

Nintendo has always had a different approach to developing their hardware

Nintendo is known for being a company that never takes the easy way. This is a gaming company that is constantly looking for new ways to get players to engage with video games in a different perspective, with varying success. With all things said, the Switch is just the latest addition to their lines of weird gaming consoles.

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