Overwatch Update: New Feature Will Add 1 vs 1 Duels With Your Friends

A Twitter reply from the Official PlayOverwatch account has shed some light to the new features for the highly acclaimed FPS game. Aside from the announcement of a new LGBT character, Symmetra class rework and the Arcade mode, the Overwatch community will now have something to look forward to especially for their in-game buddies as a new 1v1 battles against your friends is soon coming to hit on PTR.

Overwatch Update

The latest update of Overwatch showcased the released of the newest hero, Sombra, Arcade mode and a new arena map for the 3v3 Elimination and 1v1 Mystery Duel modes called the Ecopoint: Antarctica. Straight from the Overwatch fan trivia, the map was the former installation site where Mei was once stationed and also the same site where she, alongside her team, undergone cryostasis.

For more details regarding Sombra and Arcade mode, refer to this article as it explains everything about the heroe's EMP and its interaction on numerous ultimate and basic abilities. Also take note that the Single-Hero-Limit wasn't carried into this patch update and so we may expect it to follow in the December update following the pushed rework on Symmetra.

Overwatch New Feature

A new feature is currently underwork and will soon hit the Overwatch PTR in the following weeks after a twitter post officially confirmed that a 1v1 duels against your friends will be added in the game. A Reddit user posted a Twitter thread where it shows that developers are currently adding a new 1v1 friendly duel in the game. It's much like the 1v1 Mystery Duel in the sense that it'll be a 1-on-1 battle against an opponent but rather than a random guy, it'll be one of your friends in your buddy list. Basically, this feature will enable players to "ask for a challenge" on any person on their buddy list.

Aside from the confirmation, details regarding the new feature have yet to be revealed. We may be expecting this update to come alongside Symmetra rework and the Single-Hero-Limit in Quick Play. For now, let's just enjoy Sombra in the No Limits mode! Let's see how an EMP disables another one's EMP!

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