Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Rumor Roundup

After Samsung's announcement that led to the subtle confirmation of the Galaxy Note 8's arrival, rumors and expectations about the phablet's specs has already flooded the web. It's worth noting that Samsung has recently said that their upgrade program in South Korea will allow Note 7 owners to get a discount on the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy Note 8 when these devices get released. That is, if these people had their recalled phablet replaced with an S7 or S7 Edge. Now that the cancellation rumor has been debunked once and for all, here are the expected specs of the Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Possible Specs

Based on predictions and subtle hints, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 could support 4K resolution. This roots from the fact that VR has already become a big thing this season so the Samsung phablet might as well make itself more relevant to VR fans. Furthermore, there is also a good chance that the 2017 phablet will sport next year's most high-powered Snapdragon processor which is the Snapdragon 830. An Exynos variant is also very likely to be included in the Galaxy Note 8 series.

The phone's RAM is likely to be around 6 GB in size. This year's Note phablet had 4 GB RAM which is practically 2016's standard premium RAM size. It was only the OnePlus 3 (and other underrated Androids) who went beyond standard and stuffed their flagships with 6 GB RAM. Hopefully, Samsung does the same with the Note 8 and give it a little boost on the RAM department.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Rumors

As per some unverified rumors, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 might come with a stylus that has speakers built into it. Also, Tech Times says that there is a good chance that the Note 8 will come with an LG-produced battery. This, of course, is possibly the effect of Samsung's distrust to their previous battery provider. Furthermore, there is also news saying that the Galaxy Note 8 might include new camera gestures that would improve the phone's zooming feature.

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