Can’t Get Enough Of Election Fever? Here’s How To Deal With Your Election Anxieties

November 8 - The most awaited US Presidential elections. On this day, although there were some voters who took the said event lightly, a heightened level of tension, a number of voters bringing different sorts of energy to the polls and as well as some concerns about the process were really notable during Tuesday's election. As experts would say, Election Day can surely be considered as one of the most anxiety inciting days of the year.

According to reports released by International Business Times, it was found that both Democrats and Republicans were allegedly reported of not having a positive outlook about the recently concluded presidential elections. Data shows that 72 percent of voters admitted to being anxious over the election, 39 percent of the population claimed to be feeling depressed, 50 percent said that they were sad while 85 percent of them just simply wants this day to be over.

CBS News reports that a recently concluded survey from the American Psychological Association (APA) published last month shows that 52 percent of American adults consider the 2016 election as a very stressful event or somewhat like significant source of anxieties.

Furthermore, as per Jor-El Caraballo, a licensed mental health counselor in New York City who works in private practice and offers both face-to-face and online services through Talkspace, a number of relationships,in social media particulary has already been affected by the said event. Apart from that, a significantincrease to patients having both anxiety and great levels of apprehensions with fear were found not only in terms of the election itself but also when talking about it.

At the end of the day, some experts suggest the following in coping with all these anxieties. Vote, and make your voice be heard. Be prepared, and make sure you are in a good mental state. Pay close attention to how much news are you able to take and how it makes you feel. Choose your battles wisely in a sense that you have to reflect first before getting into any political argument. Lastly, experts highly emphasize that through it all, life will still go on.

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