Tech Industry Appalled Over Trump Win; Most Tech Stocks Falling Except Twitter

Next year of January 20, 2017, Donald Trump will step office as the 45th president of the United States. Different industries are reacting to Mr. Trump's victory.

Technology played a critical role in the Trump vs. Clinton campaign cycle, but Trump hasn't spoken a lot about technology in the past. So, for the most part, all the tech industry has to go on are Trump's word on everything from Mexicans and Muslims to the rape allegations against him to Russian president Vladimir Putin, according to Venture Beat.

"Congratulations to President-elect Donald Trump. He has an awesomely difficult task since it is long past time for us to face up to our country's problems. We're going to need all hands on deck." A statement from, Peter Thiel, Technologist, VC and prominent Trump backer.

Gregory Autry, an assistant professor at USC's Marshall School of Business, also believes that manufacturing jobs, including high-tech manufacturing, said, "For the tech industry, They should be alarmed about the visa programs that are in place to let companies import what are considered necessary workers"

Myriad investors, executives, tech leaders, founders, and journalist have been concording over the past hours on twitter.which played a great role in this election and served as an effective megaphone for the candidates, and most especially Trump, is up. Now has more than four percent. A few others are up, too.

Many tech sectors fell after trading opened and will continue to drop, including Apple, Alphabet (Google), Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, IBM, Netflix, Intel, Tesla, Paypal, Ebay, Shopify, GoDaddy, Twilio, Box, Oracle, Lenovo, HP Inc, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Dell, Salesforce, VMware, and many others.

Trump seems completely out of touch at times, but his positions on mass surveillance, immigration reform, Net Neutrality, major tech industries and cyber warfare nevertheless hold weight with a significant portion of the U.S. population, along these lines, seem worth gathering together for further study.

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