Why Capcom Is Currently Checking Out Cross-Platform Development For Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC

Nintendo Switch vs PS4 vs Xbox ONE
One united console world, is a vision everybody wants. Could this be the dawn of console harmony and peace where no one will be bullying Nintendo users? Or will multi-platform development just firewood to the flame? Photo : YouTube / Gumbino

With the release of Nintendo Switch just around the corner, gamers also are expecting Triple-A titles released for Xbox One and PS4 to be also ported to the handheld-console hybrid. With that said, Capcom is already a step ahead into studying the possibilities of creating such ports for the Switch whenever they release a major title going forward.

During their earnings report, and as reported by GamingBolt.com, Capcom says that they are now deploying their research team to study software implementation to Xbox One, PS4, and our new comer, the Nintendo Switch. To quote: "We are currently carrying out research with regards to multiplatform implementation of software for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One onto the Nintendo Switch,"

The company also feels that there are a bunch of differences to the play-style for the Xbox One and PS4 versus Nintendo Switch's. They also added that within their corporation, they find out which platform to release a game for after scrutinizing the features of both hardware and software of the console so that they can bring full enjoyment to their games, not just for compatibility's sake. This is one challenge they would have to balance out if they want to succeed in creating multi-platform games and not give in to the temptation of deals for being exclusive.

Why is there a need for such study?

This is needed to optimize development time and cost as opposed to developing a game separately for each major console which would be way expensive and impractical. Another benefit for it is that all gamers, no matter what the preferred console, will still enjoy their masterpieces and I think this is point number one for us video game consumers (we don't eat them, we play them, by the way).

Studying multi-platform development also means that they will be already aware of each console's pros and cons and that when they create the next batch of games, almost everything is already mapped out. Personally, I would like to commend Capcom's approach to serving all types of consoles with their titles as opposed to exclusivity. True that when you do exclusive games, you focus on the aspects of one console and create a very well coded game for it but it also sparks a war between console gamers as to which exclusive game of theirs is better. Timed exclusive, now that's another story, but it would still initiate conflict among console camps.

Capcom also says that they are on the drawing board to become a partner company rather than serve as first-party provider, "..in order to introduce our own content we are currently moving forward with internal planning and analysis as a partner company."

The game company has been around for a while and I enjoyed their games growing up. I'm in my 30's and I still play a lot. As recalled, these are the games that are successful and at the same time gave me a good time as a gamer: Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Street Fighter, Marvel VS Capcom, among other great games.

Here's a video to lighten up the tension between console camps. I personally do not side with any of them but this one's pretty clever:

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