Vespa Scooter Electric Version: Everything You Need To Know

The Vespa scooter has been known for a design that has largely been unchanged for so long. It has largely maintained its classic lines, much like the old Volkswagen Beetle has been beloved for staying with its classic design for so long. Now a Vespa scooter electric version is coming out, and everything you need to know about it is here.

For starters, the electric Vespa will not be cheap. This seems to be a given for electric vehicles in general. Tesla's cars do not come cheap, for instance, although the Chevrolet Bolt coming out is said to be as affordable as an electric car would go. The Vespa will most likely follow in those footsteps.

The new Vespa will be known as the Elettrica. There is only one image that has been shown so far, and it is a mid-resolution image that has been seen, according to Value Walk. It isn't even the final version of it, as it is more of a concept photo rather than an actual model.

From what can be seen on the concept image, the Elettrica retains much of the classic lines that Vespa is known for. The Piaggo Group, the parent company of Vespa, said that it is working with the most advanced players in the industry to bring the Elletrica by 2017. The company also said that the Elettrica will be a connected scooter.

While there are no features detailed yet, most likely the Elettrica will have connectivity solutions for the rider. This is what has been said by the Piaggo group. It is speculated that it might likely have smartphone apps on it, among other things.

411,700 Vespas have been sold this year, as PC Mag reports. This has been from January to September. As more electric vehicles hit the road, the Elettrica will likely also hit its stride, even with the expected high price. Already there are some electric scooters out, such as Ather Energy's S340 and the Gogoro electric smart bike.

The Vespa scooter electric version will be dropping in soon, and everything you need to know about it will be detailed even more just before that happens. Many see that it will likely be a hit, given that it will retain much of the classic Vespa lines. Also, the Chevrolet Bolt has begun production and will be out soon.

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