Pokemon GO Update: How The Legendary Event Will Be Dropped

Pokemon Go Update: v0.47.1 APK Is Out; Thanksgiving Event To Arrive Soon?
Pokemon Go Update: v0.47.1 APK Is Out; Thanksgiving Event To Arrive Soon? Photo : Top Trends / YouTube

The recently concluded Pokemon GO event -- Halloween -- opened up to many possibilities. One is the mere fact that Niantic could certainly introduce more of these in the future. After all, it was a hit -- lots of players celebrated it. While there's no certainty as to when these upcoming events will happen (or what exactly they are), it's safe to say that fans are definitely looking forward to. In today's article, we'll discuss the idea behind the studio introducing the so-called Legendary event.

As previously reported here at iTech Post, there are rumors about Niantic introducing Pokemon GO events for the purpose of catching missing Pokemon. Or perhaps, they'll drop these gigs as a way for players to acquire XP bonuses and rewards. The thing is when. This is also the same with the Legendary event -- it has no exact date as of this writing.

The idea behind the aforementioned Pokemon GO event is to basically introduce the Legendary Pokemon. Well, the name of it speaks already. Niantic could resort to such option, giving players the thrill of finding these elusive creatures. The studio might require trainers to hop into the journey right away, as a certain Legendary creature might only be available in that area for a specific amount of time.

There are also talks within the Pokemon GO community that this event could be paid or whatnot. Either way, it'll surely interest players, as they'll have the chance to finally own these Legendary species. But of course, the developers will definitely implement a system that'll give players a hard time. After all, these are Legendary Pokemon -- they must not be captured as simple as owning the likes of starter creatures.

Speaking of catching these Legendary Pokemon GO creatures, doing so might require the use of multiple Master Balls. And yes, though these items have yet to arrive to the game, the studio could simply include it alongside the event. From there, it's going to be all about new stuff or something.

It's worth noting that Legendary Pokemon have yet to arrive to Pokemon GO. Many suggests that Niantic will introduce them as soon as Gen 2 update comes. However, the aforesaid update alone is still a mystery. There are rumors, though, that it'll be unleashed sometime in July 2017. But then again, they're mere speculations and thus be taken as a grain of salt.

The idea of catching Legendary Pokemon GO creatures has long been every player's desire. Heck, the community has been all over the thought of it actually. From believing that they'll arrive in forms of events all the way to being included in the second generation -- these are all part of the community's wishlist. Nonetheless, as long as Niantic won't give out any official word, no one can really confirm the possibilities.

What are your thoughts on Pokemon GO having a Legendary Event? If Niantic does introduce this, what are your expectations? Any sort of thing that you can think about it? Say, what kind of stuff the studio might introduce? Don't forget to share your thoughts at the comment section below!

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