After Donald Trump's Victory, What's Next For Alec Baldwin?

It's official. Donald Trump is now the President of the United States. With him in position, what will happen to his major impersonator, Alec Baldwin? Despite praises for his humorous portrayal of the newly elected president, the POTUS himself is not happy with it.

Will Baldwin Be Retained As Trump In Saturday Night Live?

The mastermind of SNL must have assumed that Hillary Clinton will win, just like many pollsters. He thought that he won't have any need for a Trump impersonator once the election is over. But the real facts show otherwise. So, what would he do now?

"Saturday Night Live" still has no comment up to now. But many are guessing that Baldwin will still show up every weekend at Studio 8H, at least through inauguration day and probably beyond that. The hapless Baldwin, who was very outspoken against Trump, would probably prefer to spend his weekends with his family and probably give his jaw a rest. He allegedly sprained it in trying to get the exact Trump impression.

What Is Baldwin's Take On What Had Happened?

Baldwin weighed in on Trump's win on Wednesday. On his Twitter account, he posted "I was taught in college that Americans choose their President like they choose laundry soap, w a knee-jerk brand loyalty devoid of reason." And then he added: "One thing that is changed forever in this country is the meaning of the word "Christian" as it applies to politics."

"I think the thing to focus on now is our families," Baldwin continued. "To love those that were put in our lives to care for. Also our respective health, work and faith. The American political system is broken. Walk away from it for a while. As Coriolanus says, 'There is a world elsewhere,'" Baldwin concluded.

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