Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Review - Single Player Mode Better Than Multiplayer?

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was released on Nov. 4, 2106. Game reviewers are of the opinion that the single player mode is a lot better than the multiplayer one.

COD: Infinite Warfare Story Line Mode

The latest Call of Duty installment features spaceships that travel in space via warp drives and players get to use laser weapons. Instead of Aliens, the enemies are human members of the Settlement Defense Front and led by the evil Admiral Kotch (voiced by Kit Harrington), according to the official Call of Duty site.

Player will assumed the role of Nick Reyes, Captain of the Retribution, a military spaceship tasked in engaging the SDF enemies just long enough for Earth's own forces to regroup and strike back. Infinite Warfare's story line does have some holes in it but it's quite engaging.

The game cinematic is impressive and graphically bloodier than earlier Call of Duty installments. Players can use anti-gravity grenades will lift enemies up and trapped them in a stasis or seeker grenades that unleashes small metal spiders and self-destructs upon attaching on the enemy's face. Laser weapons in this game can reduce human flesh to mere liquids. Space dog fights are also fun to watch but there is little variation once you watch enough of it. The sci-fi features and the storyline alone is enough to hook players in this game. However, the multiplayer mode is another thing entirely.

COD: Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Mode

The multiplayer mode offers the same futuristic weapons but minus the space dogfights or zero gravity combat. The multiplayer mode however, do provide players with several characters to choose from.

COD: Infinite Warfare Other Goodies

Infinity Ward included the Zombies in Spaceland where players can team up to kill - zombies. It also comes with a Modern Warfare Remaster which is better than the Infinite Warfare, according to arstechnica.

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