Pokemon Go News: Players Petition To Remove Speed Limit Ban On PokeStops

The most recent Pokemon Go update has its pros and cons. On the positive side, players who are diligent enough to log in to the game app every single day will now be able to reap rewards and bonuses for being a loyal trainer (or simply not too busy).

Aside from Pokemon Go Daily Quest feature, it also hosted a Bonus Event until Nov. 11 so while we still have a day left, go have a spin at the Pokestop and see that the number of additional items received has been significantly increased. Expect to see a lot more Pokemon in the wild, too, ready for you to capture. Additionally, trainers will earn more XP when taking over gyms.

Now, let's go to the new Pokemon Go rule which made a lot of players super upset that eventually caused some to create a Petition. Reports said that the update brought a speed limit restriction when spinning Pokestops.

Unfortunately, many players have complained that Pokestops are no longer commuter-friendly which means they are not able to spin Pokestops while riding on a car, bus, or train. As we can previously remember, we get the "I'm a passenger!" dialogue notification box to be able to continue playing Pokemon Go. Now, when you attempt to spin a Pokestop, you will hear the dreaded message, "Please try again".

A Redditor with the name BrandonOR experimented the Pokemon Go speed limit on Pokestops and here's what he found out: "Update: after a few more loops it feels odd, like 18-20 mph will make it say try again later but I was collecting from them at 25mph. It may be that the game is just running poorly but 40% of my poke-stops did this, that's a big ass chunk of what I should have, and no, I am not getting stuff behind the scenes. My journal shows nothing."

Aside from Niantic disabling spinning Pokestops for trainers at driving speeds, there are also reports of Pokemon spawns no longer appearing to those trying to catch Pokemon while on the road.

Due to the reported issues Pokemon Go players found with the new update, an avid fan (used to be) of the AR mobile game started a Pokemon Go Petition to remove the speed limit ban on Pokestops. As of this writing, he has 1,103 supporters. Here's how he showed his disappointment in the petition, "While I understand your idea for driver safety, what about others who are passengers? Or others that unable to get out walk to the Pokestops in their area? Is this a money grab for people to buy more balls? Does your data show an abnormally high accident rate while players are playing Pokemon Go? It was enough you took away the ability to catch while going over 25mph, but now this? It is completely inane."

If you are one of the disappointed Pokemon Go players who wish to have the speed limit remove, you can sign the petition here. For now, you might as well avoid running like a cheetah if you want to be the very best.

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